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The Learning Connection, T.L.C. Inc. is a tutorial center offering a variety of educational services to help students from gifted to autistic, 3 year-olds to adults. Home-schooled students also receive assistance from us.

Founded in 1980 by Annette Primiani, B.S.,M.S. to solve a major problem in education: illiteracy. That might be a 7th grader who is reading at a 3rd grade level, a college student who reads at an 8th grade level, or an adult who can't read, write or do math well enough to learn new career skills.

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Below are a few of our testimonials from parents whose children have benefited from the methods used at The Learning Connection T.L.C., Inc..

Mother of student (5)
As I watched J. read that first sentence I had tears in my eyes. In the short time he has worked with you, my son has gained confidence in himself that I don’t believe he’s ever had.
I truly feel that the gift of reading is one of the most important gifts in the universe.

Father of student (age 7)
When we first came to you F. was a candidate for being a retainee in 1st grade. I’m proud to say that thanks to The Learning Connection, TLC, Inc. she has successfully passed and now loves to read everything and anything because she does so without a struggle.

Father of student (age 7)
My daughter, C., has gone from way below average in her class to reading at grade level. I’m looking forward to seeing how high a level she can read at the end of the school year.

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