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When you contact us, we will find out what your concerns are and make an appointment to meet with you at our office.

If you are seeing us about your child we will go over your concerns and interview and test him/her to determine exactly what the problem is and if we can help. Based on these results, a program is specifically designed for your child's needs. We then estimate the time it will take and the cost.

Tutoring-all subjects- Elementary/ High-School/ College Level

We are able to tutor a wide variety of subjects, from elementary school level through college level.

Pre-school Tutoring

Once we have determined that your child is “ready”, our unique program takes an early learner from sounds to reading and writing words and sentences, and reading our books in just 20 hours, with guaranteed results!

AM Tutoring Group/ Home-Schoolers Program

From 9:00 am to 12:00 noon students ages 10-17 are tutored through a variety of subjects in a relaxed, cheerful setting with competent and caring tutors. Each group has 5 students with 1 tutor. Students are closely monitored to ensure that the subject matter is understood and that they are progressing rapidly. Parents receive written progress reports weekly. This setting allows students to catch up or get ahead!

Adult Literacy Programs

Adults can be tutored successfully to master a variety of skills. One can learn how to read and comprehend, as well as write, and also can learn to understand math at varying levels of competence.

Job-Skill Training

Based on the job requirements, a program is designed for the particular needs of the student to encompass the skills necessary for competent job performance. The student then receives the tutoring and/or skill building to achieve success.

Vocational Test Preparation

We “go the extra mile” to ensure that a student is fully prepared before taking a vocational test. We make sure that the subject matter is fully understood and that the information can be applied. We may provide on-site visits to observe and find out what is expected of the student for practical application. Then, a program is tailored to meet those expectations.

E.S.L./ U.S. Citizenship Exam Preparation

Our unique E.S.L Program provides a variety of inter-active materials to interest the student: oral, visual, conversation and accent reduction.

We prepare adults to pass the U.S. Citizenship Exam by ensuring that they “understand” and don't just memorize answers. We also provide role-playing for the various situations which may arise during the oral exam. This develops the confidence needed to competently deliver answers to the questions asked while under pressure!

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