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Parent of student (age 3 1/2)
My daughter can now not only read and sound out sentences in short books, but can also print very well, I might add!

Parent of student (age 4)
The ad said, “ He Will Read and Write in 20 Hours” and it was true! My daughter is only four years old and is reading! She feels very special and confident too. I feel great knowing that school will be easier for her.

Parent of student (age 5)
When our son started to read we were thrilled! We reaped the rewards when he started Kindergarten and was the best in his class. He had such confidence like he never had before! We had him tested independently and he is on a 3rd grade reading level.

Father of student (age 6)
When we first came to you my daughter was a candidate for repeating 1st grade.
I’m proud to say thanks to TLC she has successfully passed and now loves to read everything and anything because she does so without a struggle.

Mother of student (age 8)
Our son came to you at a kindergarten level of reading. He had no interest in reading whatsoever. Now he reads bedtime stories to his baby sister with enthusiasm!

Parent of student (age 9)
What can I say to a dynamic, caring staff whose vision of learning impacted our family in a profound way? TLC has taken our son from a troubled, frustrated student to a confident, life-long learner.
There are no words to express our gratitude. From the initial testing to your handling of any upset, you taught him to study in a way he could understand, and win. You were the answer to the prayer of a family in need. Keep up the awesome work. You are truly making a difference to the future of our world!
With love and respect.

Parents of student (age 13)
We are very pleased with the progress our daughter has made since she started at TLC. Her attitude toward school has changed drastically. This is a child who never cared about school or homework. For the first time in her life, her homework comes before anything else. She can’t wait to get home and start her homework. She strives to keep up with the work to make sure she meets her targets each week. It is so wonderful to see her so positive. She loves and respects every tutor there and that’s because of the positive attention she gets from them. I believe they care as much for her as she does for them. Finding you was the answer to our prayers and we truly believe it is the only place we could have found to help her get caught up to her grade level. Thanks so much to all of you for the hard work you are doing. We really appreciate it!
J.G. and L.G.

Student (age 15)
In math I’ve advanced more in the past 2 months than I have in the past 2 years! Tutoring has helped me a lot!

Mother of student (age 16)
I absolutely love having my daughter in your AM Tutoring Group. She is doing better as a student than she has ever done and is really happy.
Thank you very much!

Student (age 16)
Over the past few weeks TLC has helped me immensely in making giant strides in math. Little by little, I am achieving things I once thought I never could do!
Thank you so much!

Student (age 17)
I am thrilled to be done with 12 years of hard work! TLC was great in helping me get back on my feet. I made the decision that I was going to finish High School studies and with your help I did!

Adult (E.S.L. Tutoring)
I'm surprised how the English language really works. I feel much more confident with my writing and people I work with are also commenting. It's great! My office reports are easily read by everyone now!

Adult (age 20)
Since my first day at The Learning Connection, T.L.C. Inc., I have noticed a huge improvement in my math skills. I was skeptical at first when I thought about it — how could I learn enough material to prepare myself for Algebra II? I was surprised at how much I accomplished through the aid of the tutor. I’m thrilled that I came here and got so much out of it!
Thank you.

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