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The Learning Connection, T.L.C. Inc. is a tutorial center offering a variety of educational services to help students from gifted to autistic, 3 year-olds to adults. Home-schooled students also receive assistance from us.

Founded in 1980 by Annette Primiani, B.S.,M.S. to solve a major problem in education: illiteracy. That might be a 7th grader who is reading at a 3rd grade level, a college student who reads at an 8th grade level, or an adult who can't read, write or do math well enough to learn new career skills.

We also prepare adults to pass vocational tests for employment, as well as teach English as a Second Language, and provide preparation to pass U.S. Citizenship Exams. We service a diverse population!

In addition to solving problems, The Learning Connection T.L.C., Inc. can prevent them. With it's unique personalized approach many pre-schoolers who are "ready", learn to read, write and do math with guaranteed results!

Licensed by Applied Scholastics™, the staff is trained to correctly diagnose study problems and to provide the correct remedy to resolve the situation.

Who can benefit from our services:

Children who:
• perform below their grade level
• are advanced learners needing to be challenged
• are not able to learn at the expected rate
• are pre-schoolers and may be ready to read, write and do math

Teenagers who:
• read below their grade level
• have poor grades in a specific subject
• want to drop out of school
• cannot qualify for higher education
• are ready to advance

Parents who:
• want to help their children learn more effectively
• need family coaching

Adults who:
• have trouble learning a new subject
• want to improve their reading, writing and math skills
• have a weak academic area needing attention
• cannot pass vocational tests
• need to learn English as a Second Language
• want to pass the U.S. Citizenship Test

Other services include:
• Academic Testing and Evaluation
• Teacher-Training Workshops
• Home-School Parent Workshops
• Family Coaching
• On-site School Visits/Observations


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